Mỹ Tho – Enjoying for what?

There are occasions in My Tho City is located next to the river dreaming Money, you do not forget the famous noodle dish. You can eat vegetarian noodles in My Tho Trung Luong junction, roundabout before entering the city. In My Tho city, a pork noodle stall in My Tho is famous noodle stall on the street Orange Cake Ap Bac, very busy morning. Din uncle shop, at the corner of Le Loi – Le Thi Phi, Hang Bong edge old, this is the fruit of My Tho Market, Ward 1, the shop in Bridge Quay, Trung Trac Street – My Tho city, shop aisles nuop submit affordable but we both hands to feed guests.

If you want to eat vegetarian noodles, Bodhi Restaurant (opposite the Vinh Trang pagoda), There are also quite tasty vegetarian dishes (fried pumpkin flower, vegetable warehouse swipe surfing, pot … ..). In addition, beef noodles here are also very strange, only once was remembered. Come to the corner of Le Dai onions – Le Loi to find the fun in culinary arts …

Noodle salad also old actually resembling vermicelli salad sauce .Bun old to cook with me, new to the sour taste sweet soups eat not tired. In particular, it was just eating with the most delicious shrimp. Silver cloves, peeled shrimp or prawn peeling are both. The red shrimp au, was carefully peeled how appealing. Noodle salad eat sweet sour old suitcase with spinach and banana flower … If there ever planing to My Tho, then you should try out.

Nam Chuot Restaurant: Tran Hung Dao Street, midway song miscellaneous things to eat. Quite tasty.

Fresh seafood West Lake, close down 3 Tet gauge North.

Crab porridge: Le Thi Hong Gam Street, located in the church alley 1. By the foot of the Rach Mieu bridge he asked several motorcycle taxi. Compared to Ben Tre is this shop and at MSG lot more vegetables should be better in my opinion.

The solid food: Ly Thuong Kiet street, place double bridge.

Porridge goby: This restaurant is located in the alley near the old market but I do not remember the name.

Solid Porridge: Restaurant 80 (or 180) is located on Tran Hung Dao; Minh Nhat shop located on Highway 1A (close down 3 An Huu); beef rice noodles for Le Dai Hanh Street; My Tho rice noodles for the Persians Lùn on Dinh Bo Linh Street; rice noodles for Sate: 246 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. Solid green bean porridge on LTK 460 (beware the wrong shop next door), the direction from the bus station across from My Tho Ly Thuong Kiet Street bridge about 50 meters towards the right hand, you have to come early, often snake out about 4 ~ 6pm. Price depends on solid season. Prices per person range from 100k if 4 people is no stretch.

Then you can eat night to night market food area or riverside Old Money.

There’s some food available while walking you can stroll shop for things like:

Coconut candy, soap coconut, coconut oil is a gift one can bring back as gifts bought very cheaply in the oven riverside coconut candy production. Tien Giang is also known for specific types of fruit, usually purchased as gifts. The most common are: durian, Lo Ren star apple, sapoche, Hoa Loc mango, pomelo fruit, oranges, … Fruits in Tien Giang is available year round, a wide variety of delicious, cheap seasonal sale in the market, on top of the neighborhood street or fruit garden inside

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