Ma Thien Lanh, Nui Ba Den Mountains and how to conquer them?

Nui Ba Den is a mountain with spectacular mountain scenery, caves, temples palatial associated with many legends is one not to be missed destination of pilgrims who arrived in the south, as well as an attractive target for the youth like tourism, mountaineering and experience. However, in order to conquer this occassion 986 meters altitude, was dubbed the “Roof of the South East” is not an easy task, we need to learn and the experience phượt Ba Den Mountain Police full before leaving; That is also the reason this article was born.

Nui Ba Den is located in the historical and cultural relics Nui is famous for charming scenery and many legends, located in Tay Ninh province, 110 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Nui population spanning 24 square kilometers, including 3 mountain forming: Heo Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, Nui Ba Den.

Ba Den Mountain in the distance looks like a hat poem lying between vast southern delta. 986 m high mountain, which is known as the “Roof of the South East” with the majestic mountain scenery, numerous caves, magnificent temples. Nui Ba Den is considered mysterious land with flexible displays many ancient legends from leaving, especially the legend of Mrs. Black – Ly Thi Lan Huong.
★ Location: Ma Thien Lanh climb supply conquered Mount Ba Den
★ Time: 20-21 May 09 2014 (7th Sunday)
★ Target: 3 no
Not expensive – no guides – Not bound time and place.
★ Preparation:
Health, especially climbers need endurance and stamina of your legs, feet care carefully, to minimize muscle tension, cramps while moving.

★ PROPOSAL: Information belongings – baggage leader phượt are listed below but more detailed and more specific to one climb readers may refer to the article details the following:

Action needed Phượt page 1 climb
– Personal item
o identification,
o personal hygiene items, small flashlight, mosquito cream, climbing gloves, hats, one tree at discharge, 1 small garlic (why say later), hammock, tent …
o 3m rope (though), knives, lighters, ….
o Shampoos, shower gels and bath soap wrapped format (to save space backpack
o 1 pair of slippers tucked into a backpack (while stopping overnight or while wading streams
o 1 roll of toilet paper folded and wrapped squashed space reduction in plastic bag for wet out. Effect do not know, ace himself knows.
P / s: Seeing protected forest leaf replacement should also make unnecessary.
Absolutely k o littering the forest, the pocket ball took focus.
o Breakfast no truth to maintain the necessary energy for a day. Private lunch can eat dry food, fruit cake for ease of movement
o Bring water, depending on their capacity (as much as possible)
<(-)> On the carrying of what to do party night, then kindly contact and commenting anything.
<(-)> Also bring fast food, fruits, the lead will buy, when gathered together to split up for the home.

★ When climbers:
+ Comfortable wide trousers with drawstring in pants or pants using the patch bundles for neat bears.
+ Long sleeve cotton absorb sweat well or wind jacket Thin (Thermostats, avoid insect or flax)
+ Professional mountaineering shoes, or boots of soldiers. Not wearing fashionable, easy to slip, gloves plastic beads …
– Save sdt of leader.
– The only caveat with relatives, friends of the location, time plan and stayed there.
– Delegation to have the assignment of key people and trade union delegation, followed the plan closely.
– To observe safe driving rules.
– Before you go, so refuel filled, until focus only on stem (1 ng delayed 10 minutes, will make one group who took 100 minutes 10). Go to stop eating or just ~ 50km / 1 ace leisure time will lead to refuel. Do not refuel spontaneous optimism that the code for another ace.
– When you have a flat tire, quick alo for the leader to kip handle
– Always listen to following the instructions of Lead.
– Leader, and the treasurer is the leader but stand out handle most things on the trip. But phượt is the “contribution of rice”, the course should be “blow up rice”. Do not rely on others all the work for them. Because they like you, are human, also played certain amount like you, they can put a lot of work for both delegations to worry – the stranger, then of course hope each member has one little responsibility with collective, join hands, always take the initiative to become the first leader in the future
– Hire a fluent locals join terrain trip. They will help you avoid getting lost or found many off road
– Take a group to avoid getting lost and easy support each other when necessary
– Friendly sociable with each other, avoid conflict when going out.
Operating expenses (for 10 people) count more …
– Petrol vehicles the driver and sawing double hén hug.
– Barbecue: bacon marinated, ngeu, scallops, dry, sweet potatoes …, noodles, vegetables, melons … (sauce made available)
– Snacks: bread, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, fresh milk …
– Water (15l / 10 bottles used for cooking), c2 (10chai)
– Shrimp Pasta 30 packets (3g / person … dinner & breakfast)
– Bowl, spoon and chopsticks
– Hire a guide (500k)
– Medicines sterilize water, wind oil, antipyretic, sensory, abdominal pain, antibiotics, bandages, red medicine, medical alcohol, anti-mosquito cream, squeezed …
★ Activities:
7th day:
– Focus on spending time overpass tubers 6am to common action plan
– (If anyone afraid far too bright 7th go not up, the 6th dimension can come home bar Large Cats 7th morning his sleep early departure)
– 6h05 ‘began to depart …
– 7h00 ‘focuses breakfast in 20’ and continue.
– 8h00 ‘gathered at the foot of Mount .gui car and start hiking
– 15:00 (conjecture) summit
– Relax, visit freely and examination “break” nature.
– 16h00 ‘division 2 group (regardless of gender)
o A. camp, finding dry wood …
o B. cooking
– 18h00 ‘focus, campfire, barbeque. participate in group activities (games, singing, dancing, drinking …)
– Suggestion to each other, expressing personal views and opinions about the program.
– 21h00 ‘about break camp …
– 6h00 ‘cleaned up … Personal
– 6h30 ‘grouping
o A. move tents
o B. make breakfast
– 7h30 ‘started down the mountain, if healthy will to follow a new path. If tired, down along the temple
– Wish you have 1 journey fun!

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