Molded rice – an indispensable dish for “phượt” journey

Before going away trips phượt, mom took me to a few handfuls of rice. The first is to save money eating elsewhere, the second is ready to eat when hungry, eat then distilled to spend more, the third is may avoid not taste elsewhere, and fourth because she made a very tasty rice balls !!!!
Can eat rice balls with different types of food (because the rice that ^^), but people phượt it or associated with the following (in order from high-end to budget): Meat with pepper – > rub cotton (“procession” – by invoking the North) -> muoii sesame (sesame). Recipes 3 types of dishes will be gradually posted in this thread when I have time, people remember for the update offline

Thanks to the advantages to be long (holding his hands as tightly as to be long) but onigiri can build gradually used in many meals (remember not to pit and will quickly damage your rice, remember not to take to the air hole on)

Especially in the trekking trip, when fatigue is ensuring you do not want to eat dry foods like bread, but with rice, it will create a sense of delicious, refreshing ^^

Besides rice balls can also be used to cook the porridge when needed (called congee rice balls) – when the user wants to cook porridge rice spoon spinner for quick pasting – only way to make people phượt do it.
How to make rice balls are also simple enough:
– Rice cooked as usual (under rice cultivation on your normal meal – it is for 1 meal)
– When the rice cooked through (still hot ^^ The), turn off the square in the middle cloth (canvas nets will lick sticky rice stuffed but how hot you are hot under the mosquito net fabric used then, there often are no cloth) , rice output 2-3 or 4 cups of rice as you like hold large or small, note that too will be difficult to hold rice stuffing).
– You grabbed 4 for tight head scarf and 1 hand towel grabbed hold, the other hand very well and aggressively attack just like the dough for bread. This makes movement stuffed grain rice bound together into one volume, so if you do not carefully stuffed rice balls will not make and break. After stuffing really are about 5-10 minutes (a bit tired hand there, you have to be patient), you use your hands tightly compressed ball of rice into custom shapes (square or cylindrical long – or like his mother 1 is used for rice in large bowl and squeeze the juice will be rounded look cute ^^) then lifted the towel, let it cool, remember to cover the above cloth from drying rice (rice balls have new cool eat new rice seed because then stick to make and when to eat with very dark sweetness of starch). Be sure the rice has cooled down before the box or bag nylon offline.
– When the meal, you should use one rope to cut rice (square glutinous rice cake was cut like ^^), both beautiful and not as broken rice.
This is the image after hiking is forbidden in An Giang. After blowing smoke climbing ramp, holding meat pepper meal as a reward for those who bleed

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