Côn Đảo island – Tours info and Schedule

After the successful trip to Con Dao with the first members that we had initiated. Today I am very glad to continue offering the schedule as well as information on the 2nd trip to Con Dao. The new member please see schedule as well as information in my new article below.
First, there are two ways for you to get to Con Dao:
Method 1: fly from Can Tho at around 1t3 fares and fares from Tan Son Nhat about 1t6 older.
Option 2: Take the train from Cat Lo port Ward 11 Vung Tau City. Fares Tau Con Dao is 150k for 09 beds and about 80 or 90 something for the seat, and Tau Con Dao 10 fare is 200k (should arrive before 20 days box office ticketing, 8- month peak times 9-10 the previous month, ask roundtrip ticket or contact someone outside the island registered a reservation)
Time for each option to the island: The plane on which there 1 day 2 trip trip.
With the ship going to the island date back to the mainland retail and odd days. Example: Take the afternoon 15 to 13 pm on.

Posts Details transport by synthetic Administrative Phượt page (very specific and detailed, you can discuss here):

Transportation to Con Dao

Lodging and transportation:
Motels outside Con Dao and quality as well as many different prices, but I see them posted prices, transportation contact the hostel itself will pick up my car, the car price is 100k / day car number or scooters are created equal. If you place on 13 islands about 15 motels will charge 1.5 days. During that time the car rental money just poured gasoline spoiled 50k run.

Summing up all the hotels – Con Dao Resort you can be contacted here (include name, address, sdt and prices):
– Schedule:
You should follow such schedule to ensure the health of the members of the delegation:
(Take the train to buy bottled water for drinking and sanitation 1.5L individual, carrying food to hungry have something to eat dinner, onboard egg noodles just right, anti-motion sickness preparations if you are not sure about his condition, should prepare a backup phone battery to avoid lagging emotions going phượt)

The first day to the island, the hotel and rest 1 hour then take the car for breakfast Refuel ran into Ong wallow betel, on the go feel free to stop shooting, this provision is very beautiful. Note that do not have lunch in the park wild betel dress, very sharp knife. Playing time 3-4h bored here about 1-2 hours to reach way back to the hotel to rest 3-4h then go like this: Ong Dung Beach – Hoang Phi Yen Temple – Lotus Pond – Temple Mount A – Mui Shark sunset. eating dinner hovering outside embankment – 12pm Friday night at her tomb to visit Hang Duong cemetery (remember buying and votive offerings) good communication, the ability to communicate with the islanders slobbering (his team exchanges eat drinking with islanders cheered until 12 midnight until near the beach lime kiln)
Day 2: Morning breakfast cafe for comfort
Then proceed to visit the ruins of the prison started from the Island Princess then go turn the other prisons had finished museum island range cone 11 is gone. Go out on the sea beach an 914 bathing jetty eating preparing the ship.
★ Funding ranged from 1t2-1t6 if you scheduled as his last team (including the slobbering, motels car rental, cafe, breakfast, buy offerings visit … higher prices due motels 1t2 you choose the price difference more or less)
The problem is that your diet does not have to worry about eating outside conical island is generally priced at 25k / share

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