Driving on backpacking tourism journey – The glory is not belong to the eccentric guys

The guy who start of a trip is not carefully prepared before whom is like a foolish child  climbs onto motorcycle and  reckless driving out to the street. If the accident injured some child, It’s poor him, but the poorer than for anyone who crashing into him…

There are a lot of angry words were reserved for the children of students age 20 get lost on the mountain of the black Lady, a group of 20 you’ve lost in the night and have to call people to come to the rescue.

If you have to ask, then you deserve the blame, because their outing was disturbing to others. Many of you are not accustomed to thinking about the trouble he might cause for people around. Tourist groups also tend to like that. Even, a you also said: “I think I have bought tickets to the flower garden, you pay money, you’ll also have a couple stars?”.

Have the Group phượt its walk has a lifetime through the sand hills, the local people have done lu water, running back please drink. You drink the water and throw their landlord lu always the dandruff out of land. The Group climbing Fansipan regularly throw away rubbish filled the road, threw plastic bottles, wet towels, paper towel anywhere. Meanwhile, Hoang lien national park there was a landfill regulations after the holiday camp for people traveling.

Once, I saw the group go “explore” for elementary school, please sleep thanks to back in the schools. The master generously for permission. The following morning the Group phượt to leave the school a mess of ridiculous shampoo and toilet paper that they emit.

I wonder, is this the you think I go phượt, go discover, is a glorious victory service should default to local people to “PM” and tolerate you?

Have a good time too long the young people in the car, subjugated portable was built as a glorious image, and a lot of people go then think on either side of the road to serve his theaters, were bowing themselves disturbing, for eating, for her litter. You forgot about that ride as you satisfy your own pleasure, rather than satisfy all who desire to conquer anything. So, don’t bother other people because of the joy of conquest to discover something of you.

Desire to go out, see the world of young people is never as large as now. Even, who went on to become the hero that anyone young would also dream of. Just go away, take a picture standing on the border milestones, wearing a scarf, standing on the top of the mountain is already there … get the le with your friends.

Many of you because love has started to conquer the road, while some other friends also “risked” jump on the conquest of the fuzzy stuff. As you are not preparing anything, no walking skills, also not yet understand how the journey. Reassurance by trendsetters, they put their lives and their journey into the hands of “elder”.

This behavior can be seen through the story of a group of famous phượt in winter was sleeping on the road when they paid. Copper, and put all of himself into other people’s responsibility. Just like there is money to hire “nanny” for the journey. And when something happens, they can blame the early lead.

This you forget in a far trip, all you have to is companion for each other, and each person who undertakes the different work of a cruise. No one can take responsibility for another person’s life, and not a companion would have to make “you” or “nanny” at all. A trip like that is not fair, and no respect for the companion.

Phượt and the legendary glory of youth-Photo 2
The start of a trip is not carefully prepared like a child foolish motorcycle climbs are short break out. If the accident injured child, poor, but the poor than those who walked the Road hit it, nothing, just bring the vạ to the body and subjected to that accident. Don’t turn your trip into a “vạ” of your companion, just because you are a kid, lamb, wild, illusive and not prepared anything.

Many people are starting to discover his young age in the hard, and mistakes happen. Despite the 18-20 years old, but they never get the right to decide where to go, what to play, always encountered opposition, her parents forbid plagued, and lead to the right … go away. After a couple of accidents read in newspapers, many parents barred 100% not me, travel with you for safety.

But the child that, despite reading the newspapers saw die, but no one was afraid. Discover your child needs larger than many fear. And they fled home. The trip turned into a pity, because it does not have the support and respect of the family, just sneaky and spotty preparation, hurry and scared. Unforeseen consequences.

The time has come, parents and families should recognize the need to explore, your child’s experience as a demand was growing up, respect for the trip and the itinerary of their discovery, helping them prepare for the most secure and do not suffer deprivation when step on the journey. Tell the same, though my parents have forbidden to interfere on how much we want to go, you still couldn’t come, would stop, so why not partner with children as adults?

That also strangely, much of Vietnam family not too rich, but many young people back to Vietnam to live and act as you warm up to her. These college students don’t know do something in life, driving air also afraid (because school level 3, MA school transport throughout the day), meal bars, then ill (because the familiar delicious food), but Cook didn’t know (three at home cooking the cheeks).

A lot of you don’t know, don’t know how to use the equipment usually also know not to ask people around when stray … until the birth, her warm this hold really want to explore the world, wanted to learn everything, and plunge into life as a bike don’t brake, not skill , not the tool. So is the unfortunate thing happened.

A trip can “madness”? A lot of you have mouth each other “myths” about the conquest of the mountain She black in 1-2 hours, or a guy driving a motorcycle from Saigon-Hanoi within a few dozen hours in a row, down to the airport in Hanoi to the geek. And that it is a hero.

After that a lot of you climb up the mountain, riding the motorbike box. All are wanting to study legendary glory of youth, but no one’s asking whether you drive the machine has prepared what, have healthy, drove long, played it, was good with car repairs, or you climbing that day would also work, or had played years climbing.

The hard part of a trip then nobody wanted to study, but who also want to become yêng hero thanks to the ease of a glorious conquerors. Youth who are also a time for passion, frenzy, brilliant, brilliant hope over if I live through that period without harming anyone and not do anything foolish accident himself.

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