Roasting chicken…by the Motobike Exhaust – The extraordinary creativity

For years when listening to meat exhaust clamp, then everyone is thinking of beef, pork (pork) sliced, on foil and bake thermal exhaust itself.
Today I share inexperienced dads double chicken dish, many think it will be difficult when you use the heat of the exhaust to bake 1 chicken leg fat, but I have taken and successfully three times.


To fully cooked heat 1 chicken leg, first you must make sure the tailpipe of the vehicle no holes, broken neck tailpipe, or malfunction about exhaust, heat to cook 1 chicken thigh depends on Required location, distance walked, thickness of foil and techniques required.
Forced position, you should tie in the neck position tailpipe most closely, because with him think that location is easy to tie and relatively high heat
Distance to be traveled, minimum 120 km, the maximum is not tested, but further away the better.
Thickness of foil, his usual 3 layers of foil rolling, many fear that the toxic gas discharge tube will make the dish, but that, in turn reduces the thermal impact on the food that you need the grill, you Roll careful whether 2 layer on gas still can not sneak in.

Technical tie, tie fleshy face of the thigh close to the tailpipe, moving range of 70km, at the foot you think, leave little time to tighten the wire again, because this time the chicken thigh fat has melted reduce the size of chicken thighs, drumsticks liquid will do, it is difficult to heat in exhaust continue baked chicken thigh, so tighten the wire for chicken thighs pressed into the tailpipe, and thus more effective .
Steps to take 1 chicken thigh dish perfect tailpipe clamp.

★ Preparation Material:
– Chicken’s leg
– Spices: seasoning, sauce, cooking oil, seasoning, sugar, honey if possible.
– Banknotes large format.
– Steel make easy tie

★ How to:

– Step 1: Marinate chicken thighs spices, marinated before you should cut a few puffs on his thighs to marinate chicken permeable spices.
Step 2: Put the chicken thighs marinated in foil, roll slowly into 3 layers, then cut foil, foil twisted back 2 head tightly, being careful not to tear the foil. 2 folding head twisted inward.

– Step 3: Force the chicken thighs into the tailpipe, when forced to be careful lest the cross wounded steel fiber foil, tie tightly and carefully, avoid tightening too is off always foil.
– Step 4: the car moved and waited nine chicken thighs.

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