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Visit to the land of “rejected”

I met Mr Juculov (the Czech Republic) in the hostel in the capital Kabul Salsal and decided to go public to come to Bamyan once the capital-Buddhism in Afghanistan in ancient times. We like to stand together to share emotions “fear” when supply road from Bamyan to Kabul to come across the Taliban occupation. Mr […]


When I talk about the strange place…

Sometimes, in my crave was just sailed to somewhere with the heavy rucksacks trịch process on the shoulders, making a certain angle under an awning, roll yourself up in a warm sleeping bag and breathe the air of night a strange place, or if there is money, rent a room in a small hotel, the […]


Myanmar – The strange things not everyone knows

Myanmar was once flourishing country of Asia, but those dozen years embargoed, Myanmar became too obsolete. But now, there’s  less than 10 years, this country has miraculous makeover, attempts to return to its golden memories. World travelers, including the bustling Vietnamese come to the pilgrimage on Earth Buddha and how experience other strange things. 1. […]